What's new:
New Packaging
Aside from the new company logo,  the Diana Stalder brand will also do makeover for all of its products. There will be a big change when it comes to the packaging so stay tuned!
USA Exclusive Distributorship
An exclusive distributorship of the Diana Stalder brand in the USA territory was formally signed by BCP Dermatological, the parent company of Diana Stalder and Filipina Skin Care, LLC on July 30, 2012.
HALAL Certification
All Diana Stalder products are now Halal Certified as of February 10, 2012.
How are Diana Stalder products different from other skin whitening products?
  • All of the ingredients used in Diana Stalder products were from Europe and the United States. Skin whitening ingredients from the US and Europe are considered the purest and safest. These ingredients go through series of clinical studies to find out if it's safe enough to be used for everyday consumption unlike ingredients from asian countries. This assures you that all Diana Stalder products are safe for your skin and wouldn't cause harmful effects.
  • HALAL Certification - as of February 10, 2012, all Diana Stalder products are Halal Certified.


List of Authorized Retailers:
Filipina Skin Care, LLC (USA Exclusive Distributor)
eBay: filipinaskincare
Amazon: filipinaskincare
PO Box 17402
Jacksonville, FL 32245